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Mastercoat Metal Prep & Rust Remover

When you want to dissolve rust quickly and achieve a clean surface, fast acting Mastercoat Metal Prep & Rust Remover from The Master Series Coating Line is the answer. It's a highly aggressive rust remover that dissolves rust in five minutes and promotes adhesion for Mastercoat Permanent Rust Sealer. Unlike other metal preps, Mastercoat Metal Prep & Rust Remover contains zinc. Ideal for prepping a gas tank inside and out. It will also keep stored parts rust-free for up to a year. Available in three convenient sizes: quart, half gallon, & gallon.

Ships to the US (lower 48 states) only.

Don’t restore a car without it!

• Mastercoat® Metal Prep and Rust Remover  in one is FAST ACTING.

• Dissolves rust in five minutes.

• Contains zinc, unlike the others.

• Will keep stored parts rust-free for up to a year.

• Reusable.

• Comes in three convenient sizes: quarts, half gallons, and gallons.

Mastercoat® Metal Prep & Rust Remover is a must for quality restoration work. It will dissolve light to moderate surface rust and has a detergent action to get rid of grease and oils. Mastercoat® Metal Prep & Rust Remover etches the steel and leaves a zinc phosphate coating behind. It also neutralizes the rust, deep within the steel. The zinc phosphate coating, especially with ordinary paints, will prevent rust from forming under your new paint work.

For parts and panels storage, Mastercoat® Metal Prep & Rust Remover will clean and derust, leave a zinc phosphate coating, and will last for a year indoors without rusting. Don’t put cheap spray can primer on parts you just stripped! Simply moisten the rag and wipe the part down with a thin layer of the prep. Mastercoat® Metal Prep & Rust Remover delivers years of extra wear to a paint job.

Methods of application:

Spray, brush, or wipe on to metal surfaces. If the rust is heavier, let the Metal Prep soak and give it time to dissolve. Scuff with a nylon scuff pad, making sure the surface is smooth and clean. While wet with Metal Prep, wipe the surface with a clean cloth in a smooth, even direction. Do not rub in a circular motion. If any rust spots remain, soak spots with a chamois, paper towel, or any absorbent material and allow it to sit anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours. Buff with a Scotch Brite pad and rewet. Buff again until rust is removed. Do not let air dry. Use a paper towel to dry, wiping in a smooth, even direction. Allow 2-3 hours for Metal Prep to dry. Do not prime until ready to paint. Reapply Metal Prep, dry with paper towel or lint-free cloth, and allow 2-3 hours for Metal Prep to cure. Prime and paint.

Mastercoat Metal Prep & Rust Remover can be neutralized with water in the event of an accident.

Mastercoat® Metal Prep & Rust Remover is recommended for cleaning gas tanks inside and out. It will dissolve the rust, etch the galvanizing to ensure coating adhesion, and take care of any residual oil or gas inside tank.

Mastercoat® Metal Prep & Rust Remover is recommended when using our Hot Jet High Heat Ceramic Coating. After sandblasting manifolds and headers, moisten a clean lint-free rag, wipe headers and manifolds down, let sit overnight. This will prevent the coating from rusting when sitting for a long period of time (winter months) in your garage.

Special note: When derusting a perfectly covered rust area, and the rust will not move, it’s because there is paint under it. Apply paint stripper. You will usually see the paint bleed up through the rust. Neutralize the paint remover with water, and reapply metal prep or rust remover.


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