Q. How does the Master Series Rust Sealer Silver work and how long does it last?

A. Our silver primer is a moisture cured urethane. The more moisture in the air, the faster it dries so it's actually strengthened by moisture. The aluminum powder in the coating cuts off the oxygen so the coating itself is waterproof and air tight. It'll withstand 8000 hours of salt spray. This primer was developed in the mid-70's as a bridge primer. Bridges coated with 2 coats of silver and one coat of color such as our AG111 have a documented 20-25 year service life.

Q. How does it compare to automotive epoxy primers?

A. Two coats of automotive epoxy primer, five coats of color, and two coats of clear will withstand 500 hours of salt spray. Two coats of Master Series Silver and one coat of AG111 will do 14,000 hours of salt spray. Master Series silver primer, if scratched, the rust will not go beyond the scratch.

Q. How does it compare to other paint over rust products?

A. Master Series silver is sunlight stable, sandable, paintable, sticks to clean steel, and is air tight. We don't recommend painting black or clear over rust. These coatings are not air tight. They are simply polyurethane designed for wood and concrete. The black polyurethane is ideal over the silver on chassis and floorpans, especially with a paint brush, but not as a rust sealer alone.

Q. Why are the prices of Master Series products lower than the competitors'?

A. It is our philosophy to give people an honest price, the best products, and guarantee satisfaction. Being members of the antique car hobby for 25 years, we enjoy seeing our customers on a monthly basis and know treating them fairly has kept us in business for the last decade. Needy but never greedy! (We sell a lot of paint.)

Q. What is the correct way to handle these high grade urethane paints?

A. The very first thing is to put on a pair of rubber gloves before you open the can. If this paint gets on your skin, you will wear it for a week. No thinner or solvents will remove it from your skin. Secondly, read the enclosed paperwork for each product carefully. If you have questions, call our 800 line before you start. The silver and the Master Series Chassis coating are moisture cured. The longer the lid is off the can, the shorter the shelf life. We don't usually manufacture when the relative humidity is over 60%. For example, when you open the can in humid weather or you paint out of the can and the humidity is above 60%, the coating absorbs the moisture in the atmosphere into the can and will shorten the shelf life. More information on the how's and where's to use our silver and black are also on the tip sheet.

Q. Can I use any kind of paint over this silver?

A. The silver (all our paints) are solvent proof. Once they dry, you can use ANY kind of primer or ANY kind of paint over the silver. The sooner the other paints and primers go over the silver, the better, especially in hot and humid climates.

Q. Do I have to remove all of the rust?

A. Master Series Silver was designed to go over marginally prepared surfaces. For instance, wire wheels and grinders. It works well over rust, but it works better over sandblasted surfaces. The old paint rule--the cleaner the better.

Q. Can I use this primer over clean body panels or galvanized metal?

A. Yes. Over the years, both we and our customers have cars completely primed with the silver inside and out, especially in Florida. When painting over clean steel, we recommend Captain Lee's metal prep to adequately etch the steel. This does a number of things: it changes the surface texture of the steel for better adhesion, kills the microscopic rust, and prevents future rusting. Captain Lee's metal prep is excellent for cleaning rust off parts and putting them away rather than coating them with a cheap primer.

Q. What kind of thinner do I use with Master Series products?

A. The MCT-101 thinner or urethane reducer. Reduction is never more than 10%.

Q. Can I use the silver on a gas tank?

A. Yes, by all means. Master Series Silver will seal a gas tank inside and out. See gas tank sheet for detailed instructions.

Q. Can I use it on an engine?

A. Yes, again, by all means. You can paint the entire engine except for the exhaust manifolds and exhaust system. We have other paints for that--the Master Series manifold paints.

Q. How about heavy pitting and pinholes?

A. Master Series Silver has been sold for the last 12 years under the title "Get Rid Of the Pits!". Its high build characteristics and high solid content will usually take care of some major pitting, especially on hoods, roofs, and trunk lids. This is where you'll really see the quality. See the tip sheet for more detailed instructions.

Q. How are the black and the silver different from each other?

A. The silver is the primer. It's air tight and seals the rust. It dries toothy so paint can stick to it. It's part of the three coat polyurethane system and the way it works is two coats of the silver primer and one coat of color. The black is similar, but it's not air tight. We use it over two coats of the silver.

Q. How can I order Master Series products?


 You can order by Emailing us 24 hours a day

and we accept payment by PAYPAL, checks, and money orders.

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