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Welcome to the MasterSeries Coating Line and home to MasterSeriesCT! Here you'll find information on our permanent rust sealer silver, chassis black, and line of AG111 products. We carry the most permanent solutions to rust problems for the lowest prices!

This will take care of all of your VW rust problems. Masterseries stops rust. Plain and simple. Developed and used before Por 15 even came out. It is an industrial product now being used by the automotive hobby. Masterseries is a single component chassis paint providing unsurpassed rust and corrosion protection. It bonds to clean or rusty metal to form a rock hard , non-porous finish that wont chip, crack, peel or be softened by most chemicals or liquids. It isolates metal from both moisture AND oxygen. Many products out there today only seal against moisture and in a few years start to deteriorate. Without moisture and air steel wont rust. Masterseries is actually strengthened by moisture. It is not affected by diesel fuel, gasoline, battery acids, hydraulic fluid, chemicals or corrosives. Can be applied by brush, roller, spray, or sponge brush. It has a high aluminum content letting you fill in pitting and even pinholes. Put some tape behind the pinholes, a couple of coats of Masterseries and the holes are sealed. This product is NOT sensitive to UV. Sunlight WONT AFFECT it. Can be topcoated with any paint, but doesnt have to be. I have some VW bumpers on a daily driver where the backsides were coated 8 years ago, with no signs of corrosion. Material is a silver , gray, aluminum color. When you see them restoring a bridge, do you see that shiney black paint? Heck no, it is a silver gray color. Testimonials page shows it on a bridge in Pittsburgh. Nice stuff to sand. Try to sand some of the other so called sandable paint over rust products. Can be topcoated with any paint. Can go under bondo and on top of bondo to totally seal porous body fillers. Great for insides of gas tanks. I have over the years used all of the different products and about 25 years ago started using Masterseries. Never went back to anything else for my VW restoration work. Used in all of my VW restoration work for the last 25 years. Never a problem. The price of this product is cheaper because we dont pay for those expensive color catalogs or full page magazine ads.  Also we want to give you a fair price. Shipped with a few pages of tips and suggestions for your restoration work. Also after the sale help is available. Shipping of this is $14 per quart shipped to anywhere in the continental US. Email for quantity prices.

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