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Clecos are used in the same fashion as pop rivets or sheet metal screws. The difference is they are reusable, easily removed and don't distort the metal panel. When fastening sheet metal together, overlap the panels drill holes from 2 to 4 inches apart. The panel can be just overlapped or the receiving panel can be flanged. Drill one hole and install a Cleco with the pliers. Making sure the panel is positioned properly, drill the remaining holes and install the Clecos one at a time. Spot weld the panel in an alternating fashion, occasionally removing a Cleco and filling in the hole. After the panel is securely spot welded, the remaining Clecos can be removed and the panel seam can be Mig welded solid. We suggest staying with the alternating method, so as not to warp the metal.

These Clecos and pliers are brand new and unused. Set includes 12 Clecos.  A carry bag and instructions are included. A great way to hold body panels together when tack welding. Price for the Set is $20.00.  Shipping is $4 to anywhere in the continental US.

                   You can order by Emailing us 24 hours a day

and we accept payment by PAYPAL, checks, and money orders.


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